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Type Manhwa

Is This Hero Genuine?

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Synopsis Is This Hero Genuine?

Until now, no hero like this has existed. Is this a hero, or a demon?
Hero was summoned to another world along with his classmates. They are amazed by the magic and the otherworld, but Hero just wants to go home as soon as possible. Why would he go on an adventure in another world and leave behind his comfortable and warm house…?
The goddess that summoned him promised to send him back to his original world if he didn’t have the will to help, and she teleports him somewhere…
When he opened his eyes, it’s still the other world! His friends are gone and there are monsters all around!!
“The goddess deceived me…?
“How will I get back home…??
“How will I survive here in the first place…???”
A tear-jerker survival story of the hero (for now) Hero!

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Chapter Is This Hero Genuine?