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Control Player

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Synopsis Control Player

Control Player
Young-min, once known as the ultimate fighter, announces his retirement from all competitions and tournaments, feeling nothing but boredom after reaching the pinnacle of his career. Craving excitement, he is confronted with an irresistible provocation that ignites his curiosity.

Taunted with claims that he won’t stand a chance in the virtual reality game, Final Saga, Young-min, unable to resist, decides to take on the challenge. Despite being the strongest fighter in real life, he finds himself a complete newbie in the game, lacking information, experience, and basic knowledge.

Undeterred by his initial setbacks, Young-min plunges headfirst into the game, driven by the belief that a strong body leads to a clear mind. Starting from the bottom, he embarks on a journey of growth and self-discovery within Final Saga. In the game world, he adopts the persona of “Lian” and begins a new life filled with thrilling adventures.

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