Reborn Sage
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Reborn Sage

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Synopsis Reborn Sage

“I’m the master of the dark arts. Even though I ended up like this”
((Thinking of his new form as a baby))

Hero is the young lord of the H Family and a powerful young martial artist, who in his previous life was renowned but feared as a martial god of the dark arts. The protagonist of the story, in the previous life was a martial god of the dark arts, after being cornered by an alliance, he supposedly died by the hands of a monk. He was reincarnated as the son of the lord of S city.

He is plagued by a bloody past of murder and death but finds peace in his reincarnation because of the love and care given to him by his family. His actions are usually to protect or make a better future but can also be for his own befit. However, he keeps his actions of violence to a minimum. In chapter 34 he uses the legendary Air Jump to subdue S-W, the King of Beast, the sword forged by Old-Man, M-C the legendary blacksmith specifically for him.

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